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Caitlin Ryan Fashion 4.6: Caitlin Clothes

DH S1E6: Nobody’s Perfect
Aired: 1989

Here’s your Caitlin montage for this episode. She’s repetitively clad in that dusty pink color, topped off with what I like to call “the receding headband”. How the heck does that thing stay on there?


Caitlin Ryan Fashion 4.5: Caitlin Clothes

DH S1E5: Everybody Wants Something
Aired: 1989

Whew, did we rack up on the Caitlin this episode! She’s extremely color-coordinated in this dusty pink blazer, blue blouse, and floral skirt. Somehow, even with her scrunchie-held ponytail, her hair still has plenty of fluff. How do they do that?!

Then, she wears a little bit more dusty pink, with some big old khaki shorts and some little slip on loafer things. This slightly unattractive outfit is what she happens to be wearing for her first kiss with Claude, who, by the way, has a much better fashion sense imo.

Caitlin Ryan Fashion 4.4: Caitlin Clothes

DH S1E4: Dream On
Aired: 1989

There’s so much Caitlin to review today. Once again I think they’ve posted a little out of order but just bear with me.

First is fantasy Caitlin, approaching the door which Arthur will open for her. She’s just wearing a simple periwinkle dress with a red belt, simple because well, her beauty shouldn’t be overpowered here in Arthur’s fantasy.

Then she’s wearing a t-shirt and some sort of pleated brown pants or something. Not that cute. But we all have our off-days.

Next we get back to the usual Caitlin, in that peachy dusty pink color. She wears a Caitlin-colored blazer, black shirt, and floral skirt.

Oops, we are back tracking a bit, to Arthur’s fantasy – or maybe it’s a different fantasy, I can’t remember. She’s wearing a fancy silky dress, also in a bit of a periwinkle color.

And finally, we wrap up with Caitlin in this pink shirt that seriously looks like a fishing shirt. And to top it off she wears these rugged/outdoorsy looking khaki shorts, still suggesting to me that maybe she has a fishing date after school.


Caitlin Ryan Fashion 4.3: Caitlin Clothes

DH S1E3: Breaking up is Hard to Do
Aired: 1989

Caitlin, she’s kind of like…. dull… can I say that? I don’t know, the person Caitlin becomes in high school reminds me of the person Ellie became in TNG. Just, kind of, blah. How strange that one day she becomes Ellie’s mentor.

Anyway, so Caitlin is basically sketchy AF now, so here she is, sketching around in that peachy color and a grey blazer. That look on her face is always like she’s avoiding Joey and looking for Claude.


Caitlin Ryan Fashion 4.2: Caitlin Clothes

DH S1E2: A New Start Part 2
Aired: 1989

Caitlin is wearing a dusty-peach-colored top and a grey blazer, with some mom jeans and a fluffed ponytail. Already swooning after Claude and it’s only their second interaction.

Caitlin Ryan Fashion 4.1: Caitlin Clothes

DH S1E1: A New Start
Aired: 1989

What can I say about Caitlin’s high school wardrobe? It’s a lot of peach, pinks, florals, boots, and blazery jackets that don’t really tickle my fancy. She has this cool half-n-half dye job, but it’s kind of overshadowed by this weird fluffy slicked back hairstyle. Enjoy this preliminary look into the next 2 seasons that await us.

Caitlin Ryan Fashion 3.15: Caitlin Clothes

DJH S3E15: Pa-arty!
Aired: 1989

Not much Caitlin for once – she wears a bright pink tee and carries her khaki colored jacket over her should like she’s the coolest. I find the shoulder jacket funny. I don’t know, I’ve never seen people do that. It seems like something a 50s guy would do with his suit jacket in a swanky restaurant or something. haha. Then Caitlin wears a peachy tee to the party where no one talks to her.