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Tim O’Connor Fashion: School’s Out!

School’s Out!
Aired: 1992

Tim has really let even more loose since we last left off. Here he’s spotted smoking and drinking, wearing a nice billowy shirt. At the lake party, he’s in more tie dye, and then at Simon’s wedding he dresses it up a bit but he looks like he’s talking about how much action Simon is going to get later!



Tim O’Connor Fashion 5.13

DH S2E13: One Last Dance
Aired: 1991

LOL, Tim wears like… part of a tux? and jeans. It’s hilarious but also rebellious and cool. I dig it.

Tim O’Connor Fashion 5.6

DH S2E6: Crossed Wires
Aired: 1990

So here’s Tim, poor innocent Tim, all he wanted to do was just kiss a girl who told him no kisses, the sweetheart (sarcasm btw), wearing an assortment of tie-dye with a cool hair style that I don’t know the name for. And finally, the sweet gentle soul is playing piano in a Pogues shirt, futher indicating that he would just never hurt a fly, and he is just a sweet victim of a minor misunderstanding. After all, everyone knows that no doesn’t always mean no, bless his heart!